Move Better, Play Better

If you want more freedom and flexibility to play better golf, you have come to the right page.

It starts with a golf specific assessment.

Dr Jan Jones, Chiropractor, uses golf specific tests to see where your body has either functional or structural restrictions affecting your body.

If, for example, your pelvis doesn’t rotate properly it will affect your swing and directly impact your overall game.

The assessment is designed to highlight these areas.

3 Tier Approach

Correct Function

It all starts with function.

The assessment that I use will show me any physical or functional limitations affecting your swing. It will also highlight any areas of pain. This often varies from visit to visit.

Very often Chiropractic adjustments help to release dysfunctional joints and improve movement. Not only that, it also free’s up the nervous system and improves your position sense and balance.

Many times a “weak” muscle isn’t really weak. It is often the case of being overworked and lack of nerve supply.

It always amazes patients how much looser they are after an adjustment.

Improve Flexibility

A major factor in the swing is flexibility to produce a smooth action and power.

Loss of flexibility is tackled in two ways – adjustments and stretches.

There are times where muscles are shortened over time due to being over worked and compensating. In this situation a stretching regime can aid the progress of care and help maintain the effects of the adjustment for longer.

When it comes to stretching before playing it plays a crucial role in preparing the body. A recent article showed that stretching before improves driving distance. Definitely something to think about.